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When we manage your Facebook/Instagram campaigns, we help you achieve more quality leads & potential customers to your brand.
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Our early stages comprises of simple targeting such as demographics, locations, interests and behaviours. The key goal is to allow people who view the ad be aware of your brand and its purpose. 

We have a retargeting strategy in place. If customers did not convert, we will further retarget these group of people with a tailored ad and trigger them to revisit your site again to take make a purchase.

For customers who made a successful conversion , we will make them into loyal customers by showing them ads with cross-sell or up-sell purpose. 

Upscale Ads Management:

Why should I utilise Facebook/Instagram Ads:

Active of users daily

With an average of 1.59 billion active users daily, it provides an opportunity for your business to tap on these network to reach out to your potential customers. 

Optimised Results

When we optimise your Facebook/Instagram ads campaign, we will narrow down your target audiences via demographics, locations, interests and behaviours to achieve desired results.


An Overview done Monthly on
Ad Campaigns Performance:

Tailored Ads Creatives
100% Transparent and timely reports
Customised Analysis

Our team of creatives who offer top-tier tailored ad design services for your company.

We regularly update and send you Facebook/Instagram campaign reports monthly. In addition, we analyse the ad copies to suggest methods to help you improve your campaigns.

We will do customised analysis on our clients’ journey and identify the funnel to be used to ensure Facebook/Instagram Ads performance are delivering quality customers.

Conversion Pixel Tracking

By implementing Facebook Pixel, we are able to track conversions from your Facebook/Instagram ads in order to monitor and make improvements to further enhance the performance.

Audience Targeting
Constantly Updated

By understanding your target audience, it helps us to craft a campaign that relates to them which will increase your traffic and conversions.

We're always on the ball to be updated and will adjust budget to ensure you gain the most out of the ROI.