Website Design for Businesses

We create websites that are intuitive, user & mobile friendly. We pride in producing aesthetically pleasing yet responsive sites that will turn your prospects into potential & quality leads.

Here's why you NEED a Website:

Your clients will be able to reach you the first thing they search on Google, and this gives your Business site access to a wider target audience. 

When you have special promotions or discounts happening, you will have an increased online visibility.

Have product listings on your site and let visitors be aware of your best-selling service/product!

Workflow to ensure your Website is progressing to its potential:

1. The Set Up

We will ensure that you have your domain, site name & hosting ready.

2. Pre-Planning

We will need to understand your business model and thus will plan and generate multiple landing pages & categories of your website.

3. Designing

We will come up and design the layout to graphic elements to better suit what you're looking for.

4. Polished Changes

We will be adding any images, descriptions from your end to further improve your website design & aesthetic. 

5. Mobile Optimisation

Many people surf the net using their mobile phone these days hence its always important to not neglect mobile optimisation for your website.

6. Final Handover

Nearing completion, we would handover the website to you and guide you the ways on how to further facilitate your site.